Cooperating Brokers

Options to Earn Commissions and Fees As A Cooperating Broker or Auction Representative

Over the years a great amount of our business has been generated by word of mouth recommendations and referrals from brokers and individuals who have either experienced our services first hand or know of someone who has. This type of business cannot be be duplicated and we take great pride in the working relationships we have with not only our clients, but brokers and auction representatives throughout the world. Many clients may only have one auction in a lifetime, but we have been fortunate enough to have repeat business though our network of contacts.


Seller Referring Broker:

Have you ever had a client or contact that needed to sell a property quickly and for the most money the market would allow? Rather than lose the sale to someone else or run the risk of not taking care of a clients needs, you can benefit from our Seller Broker Referral Program by having a Professional Contact in the business.


Buyer Broker Program

If you are a Broker with a prospective buyer looking for a particular Property or Asset you can make commissions on most auctions by simply registering your prospect in the allotted pre-auction period under the provided guidelines.


Auction Representative

We are always excited to work with Individuals of good character who are interested in providing contact information for possible auctions or assets for sale. Regulations vary by state. Please contact Travis Birdsong @ 573-429-7069 or email