Auction Success Stories

Central Plains Ranch


This property had been previously listed for over 2 years having only 2 offers. In the past the property could not close due to various reasons including title, legal and financing issues. We were contacted about conducting an auction and proceeded with our due diligence. After taking the required steps to correct the title work including legal descriptions and survey work, we prepared for an auction. The biggest hurdle in the past had been the due to the ranch being so large and the sellers wanting to sell all or none of their property at one time, thus eliminating many potential buyers. To resolve this we conducted a multi parcel land auction dividing the property into 8 separate tracts. When the dust cleared the property sold for 140% of their best previous offer! To top it off, the sellers had their money in 45 Days!  – E.G.

Small Lake Lot in an Aging Development


Upon listing this lot we were approached by several neighbors and prospective local buyers. Most indications led us to believe their offers would be in the $7,500 range. At the conclusion of the Auction the final sale price was nearly $75,000! Roughly 10 times what the pre-auction offers were! – S.P.

Cattle Farmer Retirement


During the process of preparing for this auction, the seller had been diagnosed with cancer and was unable to return home for some time. When we say we take projects as if they were our own, that is exactly what we mean. We began to feed and care for his livestock daily while starting the equipment cleanup process. This can be quite a chore when someone has several hundred head of cattle none of which have ever been tagged or branded. We devised a system to sort, tag and catalog the cattle and also built pens on the farm to sell them in. The seller was able to return home shortly before the sale to a welcomed surprise!

After several days of flooding rains we were able to hold one of the most talked about and successful events in the history of his area! Many pieces of his equipment sold for more than he had paid for them 5 years previously, and his cattle topped the market!  – R.H.

Row Crop Farmland


After being contacted about selling a Row Crop Farm, we immediately encouraged the sellers to only go the auction route. When having a commodity as highly sought after as Production Farm Land, it is difficult for the seller to know exactly where to price it. At the time of the auction, the highest priced Farm Land in that particular area was selling for $1,800 per acre. One of the adjoining land owners had offered $2,100 per acre making the statement, “I will never give another dime. Take it, or leave it.” When the auction concluded the land sold for a whopping $3,500 per acre and the man who said “I will never give another dime”, was the backup bidder at $3,450 per acre! – W. B. 

Large High Profile Midwestern Home and Acreage


This auction was an Estate Auction with the Executor living several hours away and not intending to stay in the area. The property had been previously appraised for the Estate, and if it had been listed-the list price would have closely reflected the appraisal price. Fearing vandalism, along with insurance and upkeep costs, we developed an elaborate marketing campaign for the seller, allowing for multiple property viewing dates. When the hammer fell, the final bid price was 167% of the appraised value, selling to a cash buyer who was fully aware of the appraised price! Only an auction can make this possible!  – R. R.

C-Store/Truck Stop


We were contacted by the family about the possibility of selling this closed business in an Estate Auction. After gathering information, we had some concerns including: Finding out why the business was closed, investigating for potential environmental issues and with 59 other similar businesses shut down/closed in the same market, would a sale even be possible? We immediately went to work and approached the seller about how to add comfort for the buyer, ensuring there was no need to fear the unknown that may have existed with similar properties. We suggested that we do an environmental assessment on the property for the sellers and buyers, as well as our own protection. After reluctantly agreeing to the required testing procedures, the property came up clean and sold for nearly 3 times what the seller had anticipated! Afterwards, the buyer confirmed our initial thoughts by saying “Thank you so much for doing your homework. I would have never even attempted to bid if it were not for the straight forward and transparent way you put the information together”.  – S. P. 

Western Mountain Ranch Development


This particular property was owned by two separate partners who were unable to agree on a path or buyout. The lots were split between the two of them into separate tracts. The first owner decided to hire another company to conduct an auction on their portion of the tracts in 2010 with less than stellar results. In 2011 we were hired to sell the remaining tracts for the other partner. After an extensive marketing campaign that included nationwide advertising we sold the remaining tracts. Even after the previous companies auction and the sluggish economy, across the board the tracts brought a greater return than any of the past sales. In the end, the original partner came to us to say, “That was the best and most professionally conducted auction I have ever seen!”  – S.M.